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Customer Service

Here at Social Media Solution we work hard for our clients – at making and keeping them happy!

CUSTOMER SERVICE is a way of life for us. The strength of your business and ours depends on us having a great understanding of you (the client) and your business, with the resultant mutually gratifying working relationship.

Ask Us

IF you ask us something and by some slim chance, we don’t know the answer, we’ll get back to you with the requested information as quickly as possible.

You can chat with us online, call us on

08 7078 1832, e-mail us or reach out across our social media platforms.

We Help You

If we identify a business opportunity for you that may not have been explored by either ourselves or you, the client, previously – we’ll be in touch;

If there’s anything that you want from

us – just ask!

If it’s within our scope to do it – we shall.