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Email Marketing

A Definition

Email marketing keeps relationships between you and your customers and clients strong. This only leads to increased revenue through additional sales and referrals.

Put it this way, if you aren’t sending emails to your clients and customers and leads at least once every single week... they are more likely to forget about your business and you’d be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Email marketing isn’t just for existing customers and clients...

It’s a great lead nurturing tool and helps convert leads into customers. Email marketing can be an activity you do every single week, or something that can be set up and automated in advance.

Often a combination of automation and real time emails is the best choice.

As a result of doing email marketing the right way (which we will get into shortly) you’ll increase your revenue. (especially if this hasn’t been a huge area of your focus)

How To Do Email Marketing

If you don’t have anything yet set up you’ll need to create an account with a provider that offers email marketing such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign or Keap.

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If you are already set up, then aim to send at least 1 email per week (3-4 is ideal, but this does require some real work to craft each email).

The secret is to send emails that educate your potential and existing customers on your products or services or your niche, rather than push promotions or ask if they’re ready to buy.

Real value and useful information are keys to a hot subscriber list.

If you’ve ever heard negative criticism of email marketing being bothersome with too many emails, it’s NOT that it’s “too many emails”.

That’s a wrong assumption.

The real reason people find too many emails annoying is because those emails provide little in value and of course are irritating. We’ve all had that experience, right?

Combining a mix of different types of emails, including some promotional ones and entertaining ones will lead to the highest open rates and the largest increases in revenue.

Should You Do Email Marketing or Something Else?

Without a doubt, if you’re not doing email marketing, you’re seriously missing out on untapped revenue and opportunities.

Every business should engage in high-quality email marketing simply because it’s highly effective and a no-brainer if you want to grow your business.

For the potential time or financial investment to set it up correctly, the returns are some of the best out there.

Now, we’re not suggesting email marketing is all you do. It’s just one piece of a bigger picture that can have huge benefits. Adding in Social Media Marketing and PPC Advertising along with Email Marketing is a true and proven way to predictably grow your business.

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*All of our solutions are unique and specifically tailored to align with your business goals, image and message.

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