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Content Marketing

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content marketing

Content Marketing

A Definition

Content refers to anything of the written word, audio, pictures and videos. Some examples of each type are:

  • Written word content examples such as blog posts, articles or some types of social media posts

  • Audio examples are generally podcasts, interviews or audio educational lessons

  • Pictures could include info-graphics, and pictures often complement worded content like articles and blog posts

  • Videos could include video educational lessons, vlogs, animated videos, webinars and YouTube videos.
  • Once you have a great piece of content

    …lets say a video, a great way to leverage its value is to convert it to an audio file (now you have a podcast), and transcribe it to a blog post. This gets you more exposure to potential customers from one piece of content.

    The same (or slightly modified) piece of content can then be posted on various platforms, such as your Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blog, Twitter for even more exposure.

    This is the way to do content marketing that works. You need to have volume and that doesn’t mean necessarily more. It means being more resourceful and creative with what you have.

    Content marketing doesn’t have to be huge blog posts, or hour-long podcasts or videos. Even a 2 minute video, or a short article makes for great content!

    Should You Do Content Marketing?

    If you want to have something that will likely give you the best long-term ROI, then content marketing is an obvious choice.

    Content Marketing

    What do we mean by that?

    With content marketing, don’t expect immediate results. The results will come in time and when they do they can be an excellent way to get more exposure to your business!

    The fastest way to get more people viewing and engaging with your content is by running paid ads, so content marketing is perfect to complement paid advertising (like PPC), as it only costs you some time to create and distribute the content.

    Then you can sit back and reap the rewards.

    It will only work with consistent content creation, multiple times per week, on as many social media and other platforms as practical.

    Step by Step Process

    #1 - Find a problem that your potential customer has that you can solve

    And then either write an article about it, record you talking about it, or record a video about it. It doesn’t have to be long, just something helpful.

    #2 - Try and break the piece of content you created into smaller parts

    Or turn them into other forms. Say you wrote an article… could you record you reading it out or filming yourself for a video? Create as many pieces of content that you practically can, at minimum twice a week. We’d recommend everyday ideally.

    #3 - Publish the various pieces of content

    On your Facebook, Instagram pages and other social media accounts. Upload videos to YouTube and upload podcasts to popular podcast services like iTunes. If you have a lot of content you can schedule them to go out on different days, so you appear consistent in the public eyes.

    • Maybe you’re not sure exactly how much this could help your business. How much extra per month could you be earning if you did the steps above? 10%, 20%, more?
    • Combining content marketing with other smart strategies like email marketing, social media marketing and PPC is an all-round approach leaving almost no stone un-turned.

    We Can Help With

    • Content Creation (Video, Images, Audio)
    • Scheduling and Distribution
    • Content Editing

    *All of our solutions are unique and specifically tailored to align with your business goals, image and message.

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