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TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL AND PROFITABLE BUSINESS these days, you need way more than university Degrees or profession-relevant Diplomas or Certificates. Same goes for having a great personality or sales spiel which, while potentially useful, also doesn’t guarantee either that you’ll end up on the right path to the pinnacle of success.

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Have you been told that you could “sell ice-cream to an Eskimo"?

OR perhaps, instead of being known as a “super salesperson”, your business armoury consists of multiple academic qualifications which could only have been obtained by someone who is intelligent and smart and worked hard at their studies.

Maybe YOUR talents encompass both sets of attributes, that is, you’re wonderfully qualified academically PLUS you have “the gift of the gab”? What a great combination, surely one that cannot fail?

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Hate to tell you this but that’s still NOT ENOUGH!

Academic qualifications and plus-size personalities are just a small part of what’s needed in this NEW era, that’s right NEW era of personal and corporate communications success essentials.

In fact, it’s well understood by SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs and business owners and managers that the two KEY INGREDIENTS to SUCCESS and PROFIT in business are … SERVICE and MARKETING!

So, let’s dispel one untruth immediately…


A great definition of “marketing” is “Marketing is the process of interesting potential customers and clients in your products and/or services. The key word in this marketing definition is “process” as marketing involves researching, promoting, selling and distributing your products or services.”

But how can you interest potential customers and existing clients in your products and/or services if they don’t know WHO you are, WHERE you are, WHY you’re there or HOW to find you! The answer to these simple questions lays in employing the qualified help of a professional digital services marketing agency such as ourselves – “Social Media Solution”.

Social Media Solution

You’ve heard of Business Planning, right? What about having a Marketing Plan? Do you have one? Whether you do or you don’t, let’s explore some of the MARKETING aspects that need to be incorporated into your SUCCESS BUSINESS PLANNING. Here we are going to focus on two things – YOUR WEBSITE and YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA.

First – your website:

What’s it like? Note: Here, you MUST be honest in your answers to self, otherwise you’re wasting your time and energy. Questions to ask…

  • At first sight, would you say that it’s eye-catching or rather dull, maybe even boring?
  • Does it say/imply “hey we’re here!” but doesn’t prompt you to do anything?
  • Does it have your telephone contact details at the TOP of your Home Page, where it can be readily SEEN?
  • Do your social media icons appear in a prominent place on your Home Page (preferably at the top)?
  • Do images and page links load quickly?
  • Are your images high resolution?
  • Does your site have an SSL Certificate or does your site’s URL show it as “Not secure”?
  • Does your site have a clear favicon (small image on the tab for your URL)?
  • Do you have high-res photos of yourself and other staff within an “About Us” section?
  • Do you have some sort of CTA (Call To Action) on every page?

Next – Your Social Media.

What are your real thoughts about social media? Do you love it or maybe feel somewhat ambivalent about it? Do you currently look at it as a “necessary evil”? Or do you feel that it’s a prolific timewaster that offers no tangible benefit for businesses, perhaps?

In our view, after many, many years and experiences (AND experiments) with social media, we recommend that you EMBRACE it.

(Tell you why in more detail shortly.)

Which, if any, of the following social media platforms is your business featured on –

  • Facebook?
  • Instagram?
  • Youtube?
  • Google My Business?
  • Twitter?
  • LinkedIn?
  • Pinterest?
  • Tik Tok?

The type of business you have, to a very large degree, will determine which of these platforms are likely to be beneficial for your particular business. For instance, if you have an accounting practice specialising in forensic audits, then a presence on Tik Tok is highly unlikely to be of any use to you.

Conversely, you should have ACTIVE accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google My Business.


Simply put – because, as with your website, your social media pages and posts will often be the determining factor as to whether or not a potential client will contact you or instead, go to a competitor. OUCH!

Note that we used the word “ACTIVE” here. Now nobody realises better than us that many, if not most, business owners/operators are TIME-POOR! Therefore, you can’t afford to have a large slice of your day taken up with social media marketing. True?

However, properly managed, this activity can be done in a highly productive fashion with you having to devote very little of your precious working-ON-the-business time to it. Best of all – we’ll teach you how!

Regular social media activity can achieve a whole lot of positives for your business.

It’s great for BRAND establishment and maintenance and even RE-BRANDING, for example.

Sure, you could use in-your-face “but wait – there’s more!” TV advertising for that but seriously, does your business have the financial capacity to conduct an extended “shotgun approach” television advertising campaign? Most businesses don’t.

Besides, most of us I daresay already have sufficient steak knives in the kitchen drawer.

Rather, the implementation of well-thought-out, TARGETED social media STRATEGIES are the way to market profitably.

In essence, it is ALL about STRATEGIES wherein it’s YOU who determines who YOU want to target, for what PURPOSE you want to target them and at what INVESTMENT cost.

And an INVESTMENT is what good social media marketing truly is.

We haven’t even touched on the matter of social media advertising yet, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and the like. That is another subject in itself, one that’s better covered separately at another time.

You need to have both a
dynamic, professional website and effective social media pages
on the platforms that are relevant to
YOUR business.

Social Media Solution logo

We can help you with all of that and much, much more in fact. Let us help you make YOUR business more profitable. We’re a ONE-STOP-SHOP for all things digital. Be it a large or small project, seriously, we don’t mind.

We do pretty much everything to help you position your business how you want it to be and we’ll even educate you, train you and/or your key staff along the way if you want! 

Our cost-efficient, tax-effective services (and EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE) include:

  • Website Design                    
  • Content Marketing          
  • Brand Development        
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Animation/Video Production             
  • Social Media Marketing       
  • Copywriting   
  • Logo Design                            
  • Analytical Tracking
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  

So, if you’re serious about developing your business, there’s no point in delaying, is there?

Get in touch with us NOW and if you do, we’ll even conduct a comprehensive FREE social media audit of your business within two business days of you requesting one.

You can reach us by emailing us at

on Messenger at
or by phone on


Social Media Solution

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