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Dear Business Owner:

Your business is your baby, it’s unique and different and you’ve probably put a lot of hard work into growing it and making it what it is today. We want to help you grow your business quicker and easier than you’ve probably ever imagined… effectively bullet-proofing your business against tough economic times or changes to the market.

Did you know that there are 3 main leverage points that are the only keys to growing pretty much ANY business, including:

  • Service-based businesses that provide the customer with some kind of service (such as accountants, gardeners, life coaches, lawyers, dentists, electricians, personal trainers, massage therapists etc)
  • Retail brick and mortar businesses (such as a corner store, clothing shop, second-hand goods, hardware stores, independent shops etc)
  • E-commerce based business (such as operating a Shopify or other online store, selling on Clickfunnels, or basically selling any products online)

The 3 main leverage points to grow your business are:

  1. Increased numbers of leads (at a profitable amount)
  2. Higher conversions (turning more leads into paying customers)
  3. Higher customer lifetime value (have customers spending more with you initially and over time)

There are NO other ways to grow a business. It comes down to these 3 things. Actually doing this and getting a lot more leads, higher conversions and larger, more frequent orders is not child’s play. 

In fact, we’re going to share with you a system that allows you to get more leads (at a great price), increase your conversions (so more leads turn to customers) and increase how much customers spend with you and how often they come back for return business.

Imagine for a second that if what I’m suggesting is actually true and in just 56 days (8 weeks) you could potentially double your sales. Now, if you’re skeptical and doubling your sales seems out of reach, how about just a 20% increase then? That would be fantastic, right?

How would that change your life?
How would that change your relationships?
What would your family and friends think of you?
What present would you get yourself?

You’re probably wondering, “Well, what is this system that apparently does all this then?”

Introducing The B.T.C.N. Business Growth System


Brand Messaging


Business Growth System








Brand Messaging




Business Growth System





1. Brand Messaging

What is brand messaging?

Brand messaging is how potential customers/clients perceive your brand. It’s their first impression of you. It’s how clearly your product/service is communicated.

Great brand messaging lets potential customers/clients know exactly what’s in it for them, quickly and without confusion. When your brand messaging is great, your business will be great and when your brand messaging is un-clear, you’ll wonder why you don’t have enough business.

In the book “Double Your Sales In 56 Days” we show you some insanely effective ways to improve your brand messaging (and test it).

2. Traffic

Traffic as we’re talking about means website visitors. There are paid ways to generate traffic, and practically free ways.

You need more traffic, more website visitors so that you can generate more leads and sales. You’d be able to generate more business from 1,000 people than 10 people, right?

The challenge most face is getting enough traffic in a way that’s profitable! It’s easy to get any traffic if you don’t care about cost or quality… but that isn’t going to generate any business!

You want targeted traffic that will generate lots of business for you. You want to be able to predictably turn $1,000 in advertising into $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000+ in sales.

In the book “Double Your Sales In 56 Days” we go through a few strategies to increase traffic for your business.

3. Conversions

Conversions means turning more website visitors into leads and turning more leads into paying customers/clients.

The better your website converts and your sales process converts, the more money you’ll save in advertising and the more profits you’ll make.

Some ways to increase conversions includes how your website and landing pages are designed, the words “copy” you use and the sales process, or sales funnel you’re using to turn visitors into customers.

Many websites we review have “conversion killers” present which do exactly as they’re called. They make your conversion figures worse!

In the book “Double Your Sales In 56 Days” we go through over half a dozen ways to increase your conversions. Download it for free on this page.

4. Nurturing

(And Re-Targeting)

Nurturing means keeping in touch and following up on leads. Much like you’d nurture a plant, you nurture people. 

Teach people what your products or services can do, show them others having success. Get them over the line!

Re-targeting is showing people who have expressed some interest in your business relevant ads to entice them back to you.

If you’ve ever browsed a product online and saw ads for the product popping up everywhere, that’s re-targeting, and it’s deadly effective.

Combining re-targeting and nurturing together is HUGE. Literally not having a good nurturing campaign or re-targeting could mean missing out on 50% of ALL sales.

In the book “Double Your Sales In 56 Days” there’s a great nurturing sequence you can use and apply to your business. Just this piece alone could double your sales in 56 days.

You Now Have 3 Choices

1. Do absolutely nothing. Don’t implement any information and stop learning new things. If you take this option, you can be assured of staying in your comfort zone and nothing will change.

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3. If you’re ready to take it to the next level NOW, then schedule in a complementary Business Growth Consult with us. We’ll look through your business, website and marketing and come up with a custom growth plan which you can either implement yourself or we can help you do it. 

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One of Social Media Solutions ebooks called 'Double Your Sales In 56 Days'